The Best Apps for Diabetes

 The following apps are among the most popular and effective options available for diabetes management.


This app is a simple but powerful logging tool. It can record blood glucose levels, insulin dosages, carbohydrate consumption, and more. It also has a built-in database to track medication and calculate dosages based on past records.

Another feature of Diabetes:M is its ability to keep track of medications, such as insulin and pills. Users can create medication profiles and set reminders to prompt them to take their medicines at particular times of the day. The app allows users to set the times they usually eat their meals and will suggest targeted blood sugar levels for those times. This app was designed by Medtronic, which is one of the leading manufacturers of insulin pumps.

One Drop

One Drop is a free app for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad) that helps users manage their diabetes and promote heart health. Much like Diabetes:M, One Drop can log blood sugar levels, insulin dosages, food intake, and exercise routines. Users can also use this app to monitor trends in their glucose levels over time.

One Drop also includes several voice commands which allow users to record basic information about their health without having to type anything in manually. 

Glucose Buddy: Diabetes Log

If you want an app that will keep track of your blood glucose levels (BG), Glucose Buddy is the app for you. This app allows you to keep track of your BG, carbs consumed, exercise and insulin dosages all in one place

Fooducate – Diet Tracker & Healthy Food Nutrition Scanner

This app was designed as a nutrition educator and personal dietician all in one. You can scan different foods and see what kind of nutritional value they have. You can also use this app to scan foods while shopping at the grocery store so you know what you can or cannot eat while shopping and if it’s a good choice for your diabetes management plan

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